Thursday, January 7, 2010

ONE big mess now looks pretty now

So as you will come to find out, I'm NOT much of a girl. I DO NOT wear make-up and don't ever wear jewelry on a normal basis, just my earrings and one ring. That's it. No watch, no bracelet, no necklace. When I go out and have to actually look presentable I put on a necklace or nicer earrings. ALl my jewelry is kept safely in a plastic container, tightly attached to another necklace or bracelet, so that I can untangle it later when I'm in a rush to leave.

[anyone know how I can write the link as just a word and people can click on it?]

Don't they look comfortable SOOO close together?

NEEDLESS to say I got SICK of the ten minutes it took me to untangle them all so I FINALLY did something about it. I made myself a Earring holder.

1 Frame- Goodwill $3.99
1 Spray Can- hardware store $3.49
15 hooks-hardware store $2.50
fabric-leftover from something else
1 screen cover-hardware store $5.99 [it's a roll of basically what you would put on a screen door, I only used a little bit of it, but I'm sure there's something else I can use it for]

SOOOO I'm not very good at taking pictures WHILE I'm making things, tend to forget.

Here's the only one. Almost done with it.

Here it is, if you look at the sides I drilled holes for more hooks to hang so I can put bracelets there, I just haven't had the time or want to go to the hardware store again. I thought with all that mess I had more stuff, but I guess not, LOL.

P.S. the pictures were taken on my phone, I have a problem cleaning off memory cards before I save pictures so they were all full, LOL. Sorry they pictures look like crap.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

you never know how many you really have

So I know most of you mothers with girls have gone through the stages of cute things for your daughters hair, clippies and hair ties and headbands. Im not going lie, I told myself I wouldn't be one of those moms that put the clippies or headbands in my daughters hair, well I ended up giving in. I'm kind of over the clippie stage, my daughter had hair since day one. I'm now onto putting headbands in her hair...they look SUPER cute, when/if she lets them stay in for longer then 5 seconds-and that's a long time. So I have been "collecting" headbands here and there and found some of my old ones. I had them all in a drawer and well, just got to the point where I couldn't shut the drawer anymore. Which was bugging me, so I FINALLY decided to do something about it. I made a headband holder out of a Quaker Oatmeal container, 2 sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper & an 8x10 for the top and Mod Podge. I got the idea for this from Joy's Hope. It took me less then 10 mins to make.


Like I said she has too many, I need another one already, LOL.

In the inside I put the headbands that go all around the head, that are complete circles, whatever you want to call them.

Friday, November 27, 2009

hit the motherload

So I had a GREAT day at the thrift store last week, I found a TON of awesome finds. I'm VERY excited to start painting them. A few I'm still undecided on what colors to paint. I'm starting one at a time, LOL.

I'm pretty sure this is a bread box, I haven't decided actually what I'm doing with it, but I think i'm going to make it into a memory box for my daughter. $2.99 :O)

I got this lonely end table for $4.99.
[sorry such a bad picture, wasn't paying attention when I took it, obviously]

I found these 3 corkboards each for $1.99 and the frame for $2.99
I'm going to make them all into magnet boards, maybe chalkboards too.

I found this REALLY nice solid wood mirror for $3.99.

this AWESOME bookcase for $2.99. SOLID wood!! I NEED this for my daughter's room, I've already started painting it.

This cute white chair for $2.99, I'm going to paint it red I believe and use as a prop.

check back soon for the AFTERS!! I'm going to be busy painting for the next few weeks, hehe.

I got this changing table at a local rummage sale last month for $10. It's in GREAT shape and very sturdy. I bought it for my cousin who is having a little baby in May. I didn't get a chance to paint it white, to match the crib, before they stole it from me. I'm hoping I can go and visit and paint it for them :O)

Monday, November 2, 2009

what to paint, what to paint?

So I found this ADORABLE little table and stool at Goodwill for $1.99, YES you heard me right only $1.99. I COULDN'T pass it up! The design on it is cute with the little rainforest theme, but it's not my daughter and doesn't fit into any rooms we have. So this is my new project. I'm not really sure quite yet what I want to do to it, I'm thinking chalkboard paint. Well see...check back soon for the revamp.

who doesn't like brown with pink polka dots?

So I had been looking for something to put all my daughters clothes in, because I just had those rubbermaid drawer containers and I was getting sick of those, as she gets bigger so do her clothes, and those just weren't cutting it anymore. So I looked at Craigslist, just for the heck of it and I stumbled across this entertainment center-in the FREE section-I couldn't pass it up! So I got my brother and cousin to do the heavy lifting. My best friend came over and helped me, took about 8 hours of sanding and painting and to finish it. I took off the UGLY handles that were on it before and put on knobs I got at home depot. I also got a closet rod to hang in the center part with the doors.

Entertainment Center-FREE
18 knobs- $.97 ea.=$17.46 total
Closet Rod-$6.97
Paint-$19.85 [5 different colors]



[oh if you look closely on the left under the top big drawer, the bar across is missing, I actually got that replaced after I took the picture]

a picture of the closet rod.

welcome to CC's Centsational Crap

Welcome! I wanted to start a blog with my redos, fun finds, random things and helpful hints. I am FAR from a crafty person, most of the time I get inspired by other people and go from there. I have a beautiful little girl, I work and go to school full-time, and I'm a single mom. So this isn't my first thing on my list, but I like doing it so of course I can make an extra 5 mins for it.