Thursday, January 7, 2010

ONE big mess now looks pretty now

So as you will come to find out, I'm NOT much of a girl. I DO NOT wear make-up and don't ever wear jewelry on a normal basis, just my earrings and one ring. That's it. No watch, no bracelet, no necklace. When I go out and have to actually look presentable I put on a necklace or nicer earrings. ALl my jewelry is kept safely in a plastic container, tightly attached to another necklace or bracelet, so that I can untangle it later when I'm in a rush to leave.

[anyone know how I can write the link as just a word and people can click on it?]

Don't they look comfortable SOOO close together?

NEEDLESS to say I got SICK of the ten minutes it took me to untangle them all so I FINALLY did something about it. I made myself a Earring holder.

1 Frame- Goodwill $3.99
1 Spray Can- hardware store $3.49
15 hooks-hardware store $2.50
fabric-leftover from something else
1 screen cover-hardware store $5.99 [it's a roll of basically what you would put on a screen door, I only used a little bit of it, but I'm sure there's something else I can use it for]

SOOOO I'm not very good at taking pictures WHILE I'm making things, tend to forget.

Here's the only one. Almost done with it.

Here it is, if you look at the sides I drilled holes for more hooks to hang so I can put bracelets there, I just haven't had the time or want to go to the hardware store again. I thought with all that mess I had more stuff, but I guess not, LOL.

P.S. the pictures were taken on my phone, I have a problem cleaning off memory cards before I save pictures so they were all full, LOL. Sorry they pictures look like crap.

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